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Monthly Newsletter – August 2022

What’s Budding Enticing Staff Back to the Workplace Our primary product and service package is beautiful tropical plants and the care that keeps them healthy and happy over time. I really enjoy the process of helping clients choose their plants and decorative containers. I recently attended a virtual meeting with professionals in office design, facilities […]

Monthly Newsletter – July 2022

What’s Budding Where the Wild Things Are Growing up in rural Michigan, a few miles from DeWitt, I saw lots of fence rows grown up with trees and shrubs that had been planted by passing birds or the wind. Many farms had an area where a building had been allowed to fall into disrepair and […]

Monthly Newsletter – June 2022

What’s Budding The Secret to Our Success There are many ways to approach acquiring, building and running a business. I have met thousands of business owners and budding entrepreneurs over my 40-plus years in the horticulture industry. We belong to several associations, chambers of commerce and trade groups, putting me in close contact with people […]

Monthly Newsletter – May 2022

What’s Budding Plants in Design There has been much increased interest in houseplants these last few years, with two main camps of devotees. Some people have quickly become plant collectors, adding a large number of small unique plants to their space. Succulents, ferns, African violets and Rex begonias are all popular, and open the door […]

Monthly Newsletter – April 2022

What’s Budding Plants and People As a person whose entire career has been wrapped around the relationship between humans and plants, I am well aware that my perspective may not be the norm. I have always been acutely aware that plants are crucial to our lives on this planet.  I grew up on a small […]

Monthly Newsletter – March 2022

What’s Budding It is still exciting when one of our clients shares a challenge and asks us to help solve the puzzle. Many of our landscape challenges are solving drainage issues and then redesigning aspects of the landscape to fit new land contours. Sometimes the loss of a major tree, a solid fence installation, or […]

Monthly Newsletter – February 2022

What’s Budding Create Your Own Adventure If you read garden design or architectural design blogs or magazines, you have likely seen some spectacular gardens and unique patios, porches and three-season rooms that open to the outdoors. There are so many styles and spatial layouts to use, whether your lot is tiny or expansive. If you […]

Monthly Newsletter – January 2022

What’s Budding New Year, New View 2020 was such an interesting year, but it didn’t start out especially worrisome. In 2021, we began believing we were soon heading out of a pandemic, only to realize we were going to circle back around a few times, as vaccines became available, as some chose to be vaccinated, […]

Monthly Newsletter – December 2021

What’s Budding Where to Start? When a first home is purchased, often there are projects within the home itself that take priority in the first year or two. Later there may be funds and time to work on the landscape and patio or deck features of the home. I suggest a careful inventory of some […]

Monthly Newsletter – November 2021

What’s Budding Nearly every business owner I know has supply chain challenges this year. As we prepare for the holiday season, it has become clear that everything from light strings to artificial trees and even the colorful décor items will be hard to acquire, far more expensive than last year, and likely to require extra […]