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Monthly Newsletter – December 2021

What’s Budding Where to Start? When a first home is purchased, often there are projects within the home itself that take priority in the first year or two. Later there may be funds and time to work on the landscape and patio or deck features of the home. I suggest a careful inventory of some […]

Monthly Newsletter – November 2021

What’s Budding Nearly every business owner I know has supply chain challenges this year. As we prepare for the holiday season, it has become clear that everything from light strings to artificial trees and even the colorful décor items will be hard to acquire, far more expensive than last year, and likely to require extra […]

Monthly Newsletter – October 2021

What’s Budding Plant Now for Spring Excitement Oh, how we love the first color of spring in our gardens. Bright crocus, tulips and daffodils planted in September and October really lift our spirits in March and April. For those of us with deer or rabbits, hyacinths, daffodils and even alliums are good choices to minimize […]

Monthly Newsletter – September 2021

What’s Budding Zooming with Plants As many of us spend more and more time in meetings virtually, the need to collate an attractive, professional yet personal background is clear. Some choose to use a background screen, but many prefer to create a view that shares a bit of who they are and what is important […]

Monthly Newsletter – August 2021

What’s Budding Choose where you live carefully. So often buyers choose a home based on location, number of bedrooms, neighborhood amenities like schools and parks, and property tax rates. These are all important considerations. I submit that for personal health and for climate stabilization, choosing a home with room for a garden and with existing […]

Monthly Newsletter – June 2021

What’s Budding Weathering Michigan Storms I have always lived in mid-Michigan. Except for four years or so of college, I have lived in a rural setting on acreage, with mature trees and garden beds. If you believe that our weather has gotten more violent over the last few decades, statistics  seem to support that. Higher […]

Monthly Newsletter – May 2021

What’s Budding Bloom Time Impacts When we recommend flowering bulbs, perennials or shrubs, one of the attributes we share in our proposals will be bloom time. This timing will always be a range, and it will always be approximate. Bloom times each year can be dramatically impacted by how hard the winter, how early the […]

Monthly Newsletter – April 2021

What’s Budding New Build Blues An author often fears the blank page. For a landscape designer, there is seldom a blank slate. Even if a project is still only virtual, the client provides a drawing of the home and any other buildings where The Plant Professionals’ outdoor crew will install a garden, outdoor color, pathways, […]

Monthly Newsletter – March 2021

What’s Budding Something Unique Nesting in a suburban neighborhood has many benefits. If the school system, road maintenance and general sense of community are positives, you may find an appealing home in this active real estate market.Often there are a few minor features you want to change, and that may include landscape or patio features. […]

Monthly Newsletter – February 2021

What’s Budding Roses — Symbolic Meanings Behind the Colors Roses have been used as symbolic messengers for centuries. Giving red roses is a symbol of romantic love. Yellow roses are supposed to symbolize friendship and caring. In Victorian times, they meant jealousy!  They also aptly say good luck or welcome back.  Peach is the color […]