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Monthly Newsletter – December 2019

What’s Budding Dirty Word vs. Dirty Job If I need a new furnace, a new coat or a new car, someone must sell one to me. I am not an enthusiastic shopper, so I don’t typically seek information on acquiring a product until the original breaks or wears out, or becomes too costly to maintain. […]

Monthly Newsletter – October 2019

What’s Budding Have You Ever? If you have ever been responsible for writing articles for a publication, you likely know the challenge of the blank screen. Sometimes nothing comes to you. Sometimes you sit to write about one topic, and thoughts of another jump into your brain and run away with the piece you are […]

Monthly Newsletter – September 2019

What’s Budding Costa Rica to Florida and on to Michigan The potted plants we buy from Florida growers for interiorscape use are generally produced in one of two ways. Either plants are rooted from herbaceous or woody cuttings, or they are grown from seeds. Palms, for instance, begin as seeds, and take several years to […]

Monthly Newsletter – August 2019

What’s Budding 40 Years of Fun I remember the beginning of my employment here – being hired to care for tropical plants two days a week. I was excited to use my freshly-minted Horticulture degree. I had interviewed the original owner a few weeks before, as research for a paper I was writing to complete […]

Monthly Newsletter – July 2019

What’s Budding Rooms within Rooms We worked with new clients recently with a fairly common modern workspace problem. Their open office plan left employees feeling exposed and without privacy. An additional effect of the change was that the single large open space created a lot of sound bounce, making the room as a whole seem […]

Monthly Newsletter – June 2019

What’s Budding Screens, Screams, and Sweet Dreams I am sure every design professional that has been in their industry for a few years has run across a skeptic. Many of us see patterns and flow in everything, but there are people who don’t know or care how strong a role design plays in everyday life. […]

Monthly Newsletter – May 2019

What’s Budding Dollars Do Grow on Trees! What is our economic impact? What does the Michigan Department of Agriculture say? Michigan is a unique state from a plant industry perspective. We grow a wide variety of things well. We are a top 10 state in production of so many plants and plant products that we […]

Monthly Newsletter – April 2019

What’s Budding Squish, Squish We gardeners never really come inside for long, even in Michigan winter. If you have a dog to walk, you understand. April, however, usually brings the first real teaser of spring that might linger. It seems likely that snow, if we actually had some, might not provide much more cover or accumulation. Mud […]

Monthly Newsletter – March 2019

What’s Budding Plants in Our Lives We certainly hear and read a lot now about plant-based diets and the benefit to our health.  The fresher the food, the more locally grown, the better it is for us. Likely, you have also learned a bit over the years about the benefits of living with plants, both […]

Monthly Newsletter – February 2019

What’s Budding What’s Your Better? I love to develop relationships that serve our clients well. Initially, we speak or meet because a prospect reaches out, or because one of us reaches out to someone we think may need us. Maybe the homeowner, facilities manager or property manager has heard about us through a friend or […]