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What’s Budding

budding 06-2019

Screens, Screams, and Sweet Dreams

I am sure every design professional that has been in their industry for a few years has run across a skeptic. Many of us see patterns and flow in everything, but there are people who don’t know or care how strong a role design plays in everyday life.

Not only do we design what plants we place where, based on many years of education and personal experience, but others have worked before us to design plants by breeding for desirable traits.

When Alexa designs a garden this summer, she has many more compact and disease-resistant varieties to choose from than a designer had 100 years ago. She often has several shades of green, colors of bloom, and berries and leaf size to select from, and she has available species which originated around the globe. She can also choose to focus on native plants or cultivars of these plants only, based on design preference or client request.  

If a client desires a privacy fence, she will likely consider both deciduous plants and evergreens. She will consider whether deer are present in the space, whether the plants must grow quickly, whether annual pruning is likely or not desired, and whether the barrier is visual only, or whether a true barrier against people or animals is requested. Woe to the person who tries to run through or climb over a well-grown barberry hedge.

Most of us who have a home and garden have color favorites, and beyond a favorite color, we tend to be drawn to either vivid primary shades like bright red and orange or blue, or to pastels, such as lavender, pink and cream. A few love a white garden, especially beautiful in moonlight in summer.

One of the true luxuries of our time is a garden that is both beautiful by day and by night, and is sweetly-scented. Many flowering plants open their blooms at night, for pollination by moths, and the peak of their fragrance begins at dusk. What a treat to open the bedroom window, close your eyes, and listen to the sounds of the night in a fragrant garden of blooms. Sweet dreams!


On the Green Side

green side 06-2019

Looking for a green, zero waste solution for tablescapes for your special event? Dried and faux materials provide elegance and impact, without flowers. A driftwood log or  desert rectangle might be the perfect touch for that conference table, coffee table or shelf. Dozens of elements to choose from, custom work always welcome.


Digging In

Digging in 06-2019

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses fit seamlessly into almost any garden design. They provide interest in the garden as they wave, shimmer, and rustle in the wind. Ornamental grasses put on multi-season displays, and are very low-maintenance.

The grasses may need to be watered during drought, and need to be cut down in the spring. Most ornamental grasses have genetic ties to the prairie, which means they have very deep root systems and are tolerant of prolonged moist or dry conditions. These grasses are virtually disease and pest resistant. Even deer tend to avoid them.

When planted en masse, they can create… 


The Buzz

buzz 06-2019

Meet the Interior Crew

Our Interiorscape horticulture technicians care for thousands of plants across mid-Michigan. Our focus is on nurturing healthy, beautiful plants for the enjoyment of our clients as well as sound absorption and air purification to benefit all who visit their buildings. Thank you to Amelia, who hires, trains, and supports this wonderful team, and to Renae, Mickey, Manda, Brad, Marly, Alex, Alma, Pam, Demi, Tammy and Phil (not pictured). Each of you tends your plants with skill and TLC.