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Open M-F from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Also by Appointment

What’s Budding

budding 05-2019

Dollars Do Grow on Trees!

What is our economic impact? What does the Michigan Department of Agriculture say? Michigan is a unique state from a plant industry perspective. We grow a wide variety of things well. We are a top 10 state in production of so many plants and plant products that we eat. These include apples, blueberries, maple syrup, asparagus, cherries, dry beans, cucumbers, plums, peaches, tomatoes, carrots, sweet corn, green beans, and more. We also grow a lot of wheat, soybeans, corn and alfalfa to feed our huge dairy herds as well as beef cattle, and the recreational horse industry.

 We have about 10 million acres of farmland. The food and agriculture industry is worth over $104 billion annually, and employs over 923,000 people. We produce everything from honey to hops and llamas to lambs. We grow mint and melons, produce goats and goat cheese, grapes and wine…. . Few states are as agriculturally diverse.

Michigan is also a really important producer of floriculture crops. We produce a large portion of the nation’s bedding plants, like… 



On the Green Side

Green side 05-2019

Water Works

The nature of our business makes us quite dependent on water. We humans all require water, of course. Our plants need water not only for basic functions like absorbing and moving nutrients, dissolving and moving waste to the leaf surfaces or roots, and photosynthesis. In the case of herbaceous plants, water literally fills out their structure and makes standing upright possible through Turgor. Water also cools the leaf surfaces as moisture evaporates from the leaf surface through the Stomata in transpiration.

When we care for plants indoors, getting the right quantity and quality of water to each plant is essential. For individual plants in pots, water is moved in… 


Digging In

digging in 05-2019

Instant Portable Garden Color

Planning a graduation Open House this summer?  Hosting a backyard wedding in your garden this June?  Are you listing your home for sale? There are many reasons to wish you had planted or purchased some big, beautiful container plantings for your front or back yard, deck or building entrance.

You know us for our colorful outdoor container plantings. Did you know you can rent those for short-term use? We offer selections from one planter to 6 or more, and are able to vary color accents to fit your theme or color scheme. We deliver and pick up, while providing care for the duration of the rental.

Plant rentals are great for photo shoots, Parade Homes, parties or grand openings. Need palms and hibiscus for that Luau? Silver eucalyptus and pink roses to make her wedding dreams come true? A pair of planters in your corporate colors for the ribbon cutting? We even have the stanchions, ribbon and the giant scissors!  Call Carol or Kathy to learn more and get a quote.


The Buzz

buzz 05-2019

Meet the Landscape Crew

We have a wonderful group of guys and gals who work with us in our color planting, landscape installation, and maintenance department. The first face you see is usually Alexa or Al, when we meet and walk your garden to see what you would like help with. Once you hire us, you might see Jeff, Jaimer, Richard, Devon, Erika, Beth, Hugh, Troy, Alma, Demi, Gary, Iosbel or Marly. We are not all together and working on the same schedule, but here are a few of the team, ready to serve you.