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Open M-F from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Also by Appointment

Monthly Newsletter – August 2018

What’s Budding Why Flowers from a Florist? FRESHNESS: A trained and experienced florist is very attentive to hydration and temperature, knowing how to maximize the life and beauty of the flowers. We know the importance of bringing the flowers for your wedding into our care early, so that we can control the openness of the […]

Monthly Newsletter – July 2018

What’s Budding Sturdy Rootstock Seeds Beautiful Scion for Lasting Relationship Grafting fascinated me as a child. We had a large pear tree on the farm, and it bore three distinct varieties of pear. The original rootstock was allowed to grow up and bear fruit, but two branches of other varieties were also grafted onto the […]

Monthly Newsletter – June 2018

What’s Budding Fifty Shades of Green Plants have become the sexy home décor trend again. Though the return of macramé’ was just a smile and a wink, the popularity of Fiddle leaf Figs, all manner of succulents and even Sansieverias is real. Design magazines for the home, for hospitality, hospitals and even general office construction […]

Monthly Newsletter – May 2018

What’s Budding The Plant Doctor is In – Indoors One of the things I love about this work is the opportunity to help people with plant health questions: For example, people ask what are they doing wrong, or why is their indoor plant struggling?  So often, a beautiful plant is purchased in the grocery or […]