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What’s Budding

Budding 12-2018

12 Months of Blooms Time in Michigan Gardens

Hamamelis mollis, the Chinese witchhazel, blooms typically in January, with the Japanese withchazel, Hamamelis japonica, following in February and March. There are other Witchhazels, most remarkably hardy, and all blooming between January and March. With roses blooming all summer into fall-I have seen the late roses finally hit by a freeze in December with buds still trying to open. A plethora of Hydrangeas are available that show color from May through November, clematis species with varied bloom times from  April through November and dozens of other species to try that offer bloom cycles from March through November. There is something special about the redbud opening in March when the ground below is still barren or just seeing new grass.

The many spring flowering bulbs give us color beginning with snowdrops in February, closely followed by crocus in early March and then the brilliant displays of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other bulbs all through till June. There are allium selections blooming all through the summer and all manner of lilies that bloom throughout summer and into early fall. Hardy cyclamen bloom in fall, September through November.

Michigan has hundreds of herbaceous perennials to choose from, blooming from April through till hard frost, depending upon the species and variety. A combination of just coneflowers, catmint, daylilies, phlox, chrysanthemum, sedum, and asters can keep you in color all through this time period.

Though we won’t have 12 seasons of color every year, most of us can have at least 10 months of dependable color in most years. Where do you have a spot to add some season stretching color? What would you like to try? What might do well for you in your garden? Reach out to Alexa for help lengthening your season of color and enjoyment in your garden.


On the Green Side

Green side 12-2018

Time to order a fragrant, fresh greens arrangement for entertaining, or to give as a gift! The possibilities are endless, and the feeling is festive and warm. We can customize with berries, flowers or ornaments for a long-lasting accent that fills the room with a hint of balsam and cedar. Call 517-327-1059 to order yours today!


Digging In

The Science of Composting

Composting is one of the easiest ways to work toward a bit more sustainability in your lifestyle. If you grow anything—be it vegetables, flowers, or even your lawn—composting is an essential way of transferring the nutrients from your yard and kitchen waste into nutrition for your plants.

Compost is broken down in three general ways: through bacterial decomposition, fungal decomposition, or vermiculture. Your basic backyard compost pile most likely consists of a trifecta of…Read More



The Buzz

buzz 1 12-2018
buzz 3 12-2018
buzz 2 12-2018
buzz 4 12-2019

Landscapes 2018

As the landscape season has drawn to a close, we reflect on the many projects we designed and completed this season. We enjoyed creating new raised beds, adding beautiful pathways from the front yard to the back, and giving existing beds a makeover. We worked with many wonderful homeowners and project managers, and enjoyed creating or rehabilitating many green spaces.