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She Sheds
She Sheds are the women’s equivalent to the man cave, and are a trend that has taken hold of many women. They provide a space for solitude, peace, and privacy, within a small outbuilding, and create a comfortable retreat in the backyard. If you look on Pinterest or Google “She Shed”, you will find thousands of ideas to create your own and personalize it for your needs. An existing shed can easily be modified, and many kits are available. Local contractors can build on-site or deliver a small building already constructed. Be sure to check your local municipalities for local permit requirements. Even old wood-framed windows can be recycled into a unique retreat.
Typically situated in the garden, your shed should feel like an extension of the landscape. Add a feminine floral print and some live plants to create more depth. Hanging lights around the exterior, and filling window boxes with flowers and vines creates an inviting look. Remember to consider both privacy and utility when adding any structure to the landscape. How will you use your She Shed? Would a quiet retreat in your garden make life more enjoyable?