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How Do You Connect With Nature?
How do you connect with nature? For many of us, our lives are lived inside buildings for the most part, punctuated with short walks to and from our cars, and the time we spend driving between home and work. Often, unless we occupy an executive office, we work under artificial lighting with no view of the world outside. For some, work is at least partially outdoors, but perhaps it involves delivery or service, mostly driving from location to location to drop off office supplies, groceries, or medical equipment. Ironically, some of us are paid to travel from location to location to spray lawns with weed killer, to create monocultures of beautiful, uniform fescue or bluegrass.  Our long haul truck drivers see a lot of the outdoors, but have little time to actually set foot on unpaved ground. Even our farmers spend long hours in giant tractors, usually enclosed in climate-controlled cabs, following the crop row and carefully scouting the land ahead.
The reality is few of us spend much time outside in a natural environment. Most of us have to create a space on our own property or travel to a park, trail, or public lands to actually experience nature. If you work long hours, if you work a different shift than your favorite fellow wilderness enthusiast, or if you want to experience plants, trees, water and flowers without sharing the space with a crowd of folks you do not know, creating a personal oasis of nature may be the answer for you.
What really qualifies as nature? Do you focus on what you find pretty and soothing, or do you focus on creating habitat for local wildlife or migrating species? Do you want more information on options, trends, underlying science and some of the potential dilemmas of creating such spaces? How do you know if that tree you have but are not fond of is a native species, or if the tree you love the appearance of is hardy here or likely to become invasive?
We are happy to immerse you in information, help you choose a path forward, and design a space that you will love and not feel guilty about. We can create a care plan, and if desired, provide that care. We know that for some, half the fun and satisfaction is in the gardening. For others, stepping into a pleasant oasis needs to be all about relaxation and not about weeding or watering. Whatever your goals, we are here to support your journey to a renewed connection with nature.