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16886 Turner Street. Lansing, MI 48906 || (517) 327-1059 || Fax: (517) 327-0299

Open M-F from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Also by Appointment

Last year we were excited to add Tinsel Town, the large pole barn tailored specifically to store holiday décor for our clients. This fall, we are expanding our plant holding yard significantly, allowing us to accommodate hundreds of fall mums, as well as spring and summer flats of annuals.  As our landscaping enterprise has grown, and we travel more frequently to west or east Michigan for trees, shrubs, and perennials, we have experienced a space problem.
Though we are not a retail nursery, our design and planting projects often require us to hold plants for a few days or weeks. When several projects are in process at once, the plant material can be significant. As always, we seek landscape projects that we can design and source for our clients, drawing on Michigan growers for maximum hardiness and health. The extra space allows us to add another shade structure as well, enhancing our capacity for holding tropical plants in warm months as well as protecting shade-loving plants waiting to go into client gardens.