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16886 Turner Street. Lansing, MI 48906 || (517) 327-1059 || Fax: (517) 327-0299

Open M-F from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Also by Appointment

Just like our draperies and upholstery, our interior plantings need a lift from time to time.  Have a few large specimens taken over the space? Are there vines that need to be restarted as cuttings and replanted in new, pasteurized soil? Do you see a ring of lime build-up around the saucer or planter rim?
Would the look be more soothing if all the planters were just one or two colors? Do the new pillows on the couch now clash with one or two planter colors? Have you been trying to add succulents, but struggle with where to place them?
As the days shorten in fall and we spend more time indoors, this is an excellent time to spend a few minutes evaluating what works, and what doesn’t with your indoor plants. Take a photo of your plant groupings, and flip to a page you love in a magazine or an image on Pinterest that appeals. How can you make a few changes to your plant collection that will take your space to a higher level of personal enjoyment?
If you are not sure what plants can be moved to a lower light level, or what can be pruned to rejuvenate or condense older specimens, we can help. If it is time for something unique that you have seen in a photo, but don’t find in a local nursery or shop, we ship directly from the Florida growers on a regular schedule. We can access everything from tiny succulents to large specimen Tropicals.
If you have plants in your office, shop or other business, take an honest look at the age of the design. If it has been more than five years since the plants arrived, it may be time for us to walk and talk together and explore updates. Carol and I are always eager to come visit you and see what can be improved. We are here for you.