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Natural Stone Pavers and Stone Mulch
Natural materials, such as stone and gravel, give the garden a soothing feel as they harmonize with the natural setting. Using natural stone enhances and adds color, texture, and dimension in the landscape.
Natural stone is extremely durable and will last indefinitely, so it is important that the right materials are selected and properly installed. It is very important to use quality, contractor-grade weed fabric under any stone mulch, to help eliminate weeds. Woven weed fabric will let water and nutrients flow through, but block the light and keep weed seeds from germinating.
Flagstone steppers, crushed gravel, pea gravel, or a combination are useful for patios, walkways, stairs, or in ponds and waterfalls and the surrounding borders. Decorative stone can also replace bark mulch in the planting beds. Stone mulch is initially more expensive to install, but will not need to be replaced every 1-3 years like bark mulch.  Stone mulch can provide a striking contrast against plant foliage and help brighten up shady areas of the garden. Exotic rocks such as Mexican Beach pebbles offer dramatic effects.
We work with suppliers that have a broad selection of decorative stone accents, features, mulches, and flagstone steppers. We can help with design, choice of the best materials, and installation of stone hardscapes. Call us to set up an appointment to explore the beautiful options. (517) 327-1059