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The Art of Choosing
One of the challenges of business is predicting where to place resources. What plant trends will continue to develop, and which will fade? What design styles will be embraced? Will the looks that clients crave be easy to source or will availability be limited?
Our goal is always to provide healthy and attractive plants that will thrive in the planted environment, indoors or out. Plants are grown in nurseries or on farms as crops. The beautiful sansevieria that will grace a client’s lobby will be produced in Florida in a shade house. The unique Coneflower that Alexa will specify for a landscape will be raised in a west Michigan nursery before we pick it out for our client. We are constantly working with growers and brokers to learn what will be available, how the crops are being produced, what is selling well. We also learn what will be produced in larger numbers the next crop cycle, and what may be dropped from production, or slow to develop to maturity.
We love to offer the new and the unique, but within the context of providing a good value and excellent quality. We also give thought to using design elements that can be dependably sourced to keep that design as intended over time, especially where groups of plants need to be consistent in size, coloration, and density. Often, we will try the new and unusual in locations where only a single plant, or perhaps a grouping of three is needed, rather than where dozens of plants need to fill or delineate a space.
Whether in the interior or exterior, a planter or bowl might be just the spot for something unique. Plants can easily change with the seasons or accentuate a particular color or feeling. Our designers can plan for accents that will complement the overall design. Not only plants but cut branches, pieces of art glass, metals, fabric, natural cones, seed pods, stones, or other ornaments can create a visual feast for the eye. By listening to the client, and learning about their likes, style, and budget, we can enhance the planted space with the design elements that will please.