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Creating an Outdoor Kitchen
As summer temperatures rise, the desire to entertain and dine outside increases. Dining alfresco is only half the fun; cooking in the fresh air is also enjoyable in a well laid-out kitchen. With thoughtful planning and a good deal or research up front, a first-rate outdoor kitchen can be created.
It is not necessary to have a large budget or space to have a great functional kitchen. Determining where the kitchen should be located, and what amenities are necessary is an important part of the planning process. Keeping the exterior kitchen as close as possible to the indoor kitchen will help with the transfer of tools, dishware, and ingredients. Setting up next to an exterior wall allows easier and more affordable access to plumbing and electricity, if sinks and refrigerators are included.
With outdoor kitchens remaining popular, more and more options are available to incorporate into the space. Pizza ovens, Bread ovens, and simple to extravagant grilling stations make cooking fun.  Bar space, refrigerators, sinks, outdoor televisions, and a roof to protect the chefs and guests from sun and rain, are a few of the many amenities to consider. Outdoor kitchens can be elaborate or small and simple according to budget and needs, and can be custom-built, or with a pre-fab kit, or a combination. They can be one project, or done in steps, adding elements as time and budget allow.