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Computer-aided Design
A computer-aided design may be appropriate for large jobs with a lot of detail, or for clients who would like to see an image of the completed job. The program allows us to show what the project will look like at the time of planting, two years out, and at maturity. Computer-aided design also allows the designer to easily change images of one plant for another, if the client wants to see a different look.
In the photos above, the same house is shown with three different designs. One features an entertainment space, another a cottage style garden, and the last, a play space for kids and low-maintenance plantings, perfect for busy young families.
Do you have a complex project in mind, or are you considering where on your property you should site a play space, vegetable garden, fruit trees, or an additional structure, like a gazebo or pergola? Call Alexa to explore what your dream landscape might look like!