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What’s Budding

Water and Drainage

Water is essential for plants. Often new garden and landscape plans include irrigation systems to ensure that water will be available when needed. We plan for exterior faucets and may even incorporate water features  such as pools or streams into the landscape for our enjoyment or to encourage wildlife. The other piece of that  puzzle is drainage. We know that water should run away from our home’s foundation rather than toward it, to reduce the chance of a wet basement or structural damage… Read More

On the Green Side

Trees in the Interior

Sometimes you want an indoor plant that is large and stately. Sometimes a space has soaring high ceilings and a small plant just won’t do it. A tree may be just the ticket.

There are only a few plant families that might make the grade.  These are plants that can live indoors in Michigan and grow dramatically large.

Ficus benjamina or its varieties such as Wintergreen or Moclame, are called fig trees.  These are traditional tropical tree. Available commonly at 6’ to 20’ in height, a standard trunk is topped by a full head of oval or oblong green leaves. Jacqueline is a variegated variety usually only available up to 7’. Ficus prefer high light… Read More

Digging In

Shade Gardens

While shade gardens can be a little tricky, there are many options of perennials, shrubs, trees, groundcovers and decor that can make a shady area of the yard a cool retreat. It is important to carefully evaluate your space when planning your shade garden. Take note of how moist or dry your soil is, condition of the soil, whether tree roots are at soil’s surface, and how much light the area receives… Read More


The Buzz

The Mighty Landscape Crew

Al Marrero and his band of merry men are the people you will  see when you call us for help with your existing garden. Al has an advanced degree in Forestry and decades of experience planting and caring for landscapes in several states, and at least three countries. Now a proud U.S. citizen, Al leads a crew of experienced landscapers and trainees. Many have decades of experience as well, though some are new to landscaping but degreed and experienced in other fields, learning new skills and working hard as they attend school or work multiple jobs to meet their families’ needs… Read More