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Open M-F from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Also by Appointment

What’s Budding

How I Got Here

I remember the heavy lifting of biochemistry, trying to understand not only how and why molecules interact, but why I would ever need to know this information. Plant physiology however, is fascinating, and I have certainly benefited from what I learned in class and in the greenhouse. I was so fortunate. A 4-H leader in my community was also a full -time employee in the Horticulture department at Michigan State, so I entered school with a part-time job already lined up.
I prepared plant materials for undergraduate classes during the week, and on many weekends, I was the only attendant in the Horticulture greenhouses on central campus.  My labs in bedding plants and potted flowering plant production were reinforced by all the hands-on experience I received working there. Dr. Will Carlson was my supervisor, and a national bedding plant expert, who helped found the Bedding Plant Association.

At the same time… 



On the Green Side

green side 03-2018

Churches and Service Clubs

Being active in the community is important to us. We are engaged year-round in assisting churches and service clubs with their needs. Spring is always hopping for us! Easter is that special holiday that moves around on the calendar. You can imagine what that means for our Michigan bulb growers as they time the flowering of lilies, tulips, hydrangeas, daffodils and other bulbs. We are available to work with service clubs doing fundraisers, or churches who want quality plants, timely delivery and the ability to choose foil and bow colors and receive a uniform display for their Easter worship services. We also rent palm trees in several sizes, and sell palm fronds and buds for Palm Sunday. Call 517-327-1059, and ask for Carol or Kathy for more information.


Digging In

digging in 03-2018

Boulder Retaining Walls

Boulders provide a beautiful natural look with the functionality necessary for an effective retaining wall. Supporting structures in the garden can be fabricated from many materials, such as cinder blocks, brick, wood, or manufactured retaining blocks. The advantage of using boulders is that they are both decorative and incredibly strong. Boulders do not suffer from weathering or erosion, when temperatures change. Properly installed boulder walls are budget-friendly and are very long lasting.

Boulders can used to terrace a yard into different levels, provide erosion control, or create raised beds. They can also define the slopes at a walk-out for a new home or addition, driveway entrances, or as a backdrop for business signage. Terracing slopes divide the land into functional areas where… 


The Buzz

buzz 03-2018

Spring Clean Up

As Old Man Winter releases the last of his hold on the garden, it is time to think about preparing the landscape beds for the coming growing season. For many, the words “spring clean-up” brings thoughts of deep cleaning, shampooing carpets, washing windows, washing walls, and thorough dusting in the interior of the house.

For us, “spring cleaning” has another meaning. This is the time to improve the appearance of your yard and bring tidiness to your views after a long winter. The yard should be a source of pride, and enjoyment for your neighbors.
When cleaning up after the effects of winter…