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Manufactured Block and Stone Retaining and Accent Walls
Modular concrete block and stone are fairly sophisticated systems designed for strength, and fast, easy assembly. They can be made in any size and shape, and there is a large variety of style, color, and texture available. Rosetta Hardscapes is a manufacturing company based here in Michigan, which creates concrete retaining wall systems, made from wetcast concrete. They pour the wet concrete into casts made from real stone. This system looks like natural stone, without the quarried stone drawbacks.  Manufactured stones are designed to easily fit together in a natural looking pattern. Natural stone comes in all thicknesses and shapes, and can be much more labor intensive to fit together properly.
Manufactured wall blocks and stone are not just for holding back earth, stabilizing slopes, and preventing erosion. They define pathways, create seating walls, create borders for outdoor rooms, and serve as a focal point in the yard.
When installing a block or stone retaining wall, the base is the key to the success of the entire wall. It is very important to have a level base of several inches of compacted, crushed gravel. Good drainage is also an important element, if the blocks and stone are used as a retaining system. Fabric covered drain tile and outlets must be installed behind the wall, at the base. The blocks and stone are stacked on-top of each other, and secured with pins, clips, or interlocking edges. Check the level at each course, and compact the backfill as you go. Use masonry adhesive to adhere the capping stones or blocks, to keep them securely in place. Tall, heavy-duty walls are usually built with large blocks and require professional construction and engineering.