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Fifty Shades of Green

Fifty Shades of GreenPlants have become the sexy home décor trend again. Though the return of macramé’ was just a smile and a wink, the popularity of Fiddle leaf Figs, all manner of succulents and even Sansieverias is real.Design magazines for the home, for hospitality, hospitals and even general office construction are showing foliage plants […]

Benifits of interior plants for your health

Benifits of interior plants for your healthOne of the easiest of houseplants to care for, sansevierias have been used in interior scapes for over 50 years. Extremely popular in the 1970s, this family of over 70 species and cultivars is native to Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia. Embraced in Feng Shui because their leaves point […]

Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

Creating an Outdoor KitchenAs summer temperatures rise, the desire to entertain and dine outside increases. Dining alfresco is only half the fun; cooking in the fresh air is also enjoyable in a well laid-out kitchen. With thoughtful planning and a good deal or research up front, a first-rate outdoor kitchen can be created.It is not […]

A Wonderful Resource

A Wonderful ResourceDirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs is the preeminent resource for woody ornamentals in the United States. A hefty 951 pages, it contains color photos, concise descriptions of habit, bloom times, fall color, winter interest and special considerations. This reference is a wonderland for a designer looking for just the right species for a project. […]

Sturdy Rootstock Seeks Beautiful Scion for Lasting Relationship

Sturdy Rootstock Seeks Beautiful Scion for Lasting RelationshipGrafting fascinated me as a child. We had a large pear tree on the farm, and it bore three distinct varieties of pear. The original rootstock was allowed to grow up and bear fruit, but two branches of other varieties were also grafted onto the rootstock, creating a […]

Tropical Plant Availability

Tropical Plant AvailabilityDid you know that buying tropical plants from the Florida growers is like buying produce? Prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. Crop failures can occur, and a variety that gets press in a professional design magazine or a style blog may suddenly be hard to get. Hurricanes, like the one that hit […]

Water Features in the Landscape

Water Features in the LandscapeFountains, ponds, pools, waterfalls, and streams can all contribute to a positive personal environment. There are many benefits of water features. The soft sound of falling water masks other unwanted noise, and the sounds of nature release stress from a busy day. Water features also add interest to the landscape by […]

Keeping Plants Healthy in the Heat of the Summer

Keeping Plants Healthy in the Heat of the SummerThe heat is on! With the hot, dry spell that we have been having lately, the landscape plants start to suffer. While established trees, shrubs, and perennials don’t usually need much attention during a heat wave, even some of those plants are showing signs of stress. Plants […]

Sparrow Mother’s Day Plant Sale

Mother’s Day Plant Sale Sparrow Hospital Main LobbyThursday, May 9th, 7:00am-7:30pm AND Friday, May 10th, 7:00am-3:00pm Pick up something beautiful for Mom, or treat yourself to plants for home or garden! Preorder for best availability, preorders due by Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 For more information email kathy@theplantprofessionals.comor call 517-327-1059 M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm

Monthly Newsletter – October 2014

What’s Budding Many of us who live in Michigan love the season of autumn. We enjoy the nip in the morning air, the beautiful show of color in the trees, the unique perennials that bloom now and give us that last touch of color at ground level. Festive sedums, asters, turtleheads, perennial sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and colchicums […]